Amber Leivo

I have always loved art, creation, imagination. When I was little my favorite thing in the world was cardboard boxes. They were the ultimate blank canvas. I could paint on them or in them, I could cut them, fold them, glue them, rip them, combine them. And it is in that, the process, with which I truly fell in love. The end result, a shop, an art gallery, a castle, whatever has been created is the crown jewel on top but it is all that comes between the cardboard box and the castle where my heart is truly planted.

Born and raised in a small town nestled between the mountains and the sea.

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When I am not busy working I can often be found in the air practicing static trapeze and other forms of aerial dance. I have recently become totally addicted to tintype photography and have been practicing that every chance I get. Otherwise I love being outdoors, going on walks or gardening, I love cooking and baking for friends and family. I spend many hours getting lost in books, old movies and regular television binges. 

I received my BACHELORS from brooks institute of photography, majoring in commercial photography. Since then I have had the pleasure of working for many independent companies doing company branding, photography, editing and advertising throughout southern California.

 I live to create, through all mediums. Photography, digital arts and physical expression fill my heart.

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My business objective is to provide you with deeply creative conceptualizations and the technical skills to achieve goals for yourself or company. 

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